Take the Long Cut

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I can imagine driving on that mountain road. I can imagine the sound of the gravel under my tires. I can imagine crawling up the incline. Despite the slow speed, we still make that climb. We are more than happy to make that slow climb, because we know that an amazing view awaits us at the top.

I have been in this position many times over my travels to national parks. I have hiked to the top of a mountain in Saguaro National Park and marveled at the view. I have driven to the top of hurricane ridge and was mesmerized. I have even been stuck in a car that overheated on it's way to Pike's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have made the slow climb over Walter's Wiggles to catch a glimpse of the view from Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

I have made that climb many times and every time I was amazed at the beauty that I am blessed to view. Each of those experiences was rewarding in it's own way, but I still love the hike to top of a mountain most. Each time you reach the top, you get that feeling of accomplishment.

The great thing about mountains is they will also humble you. One time, I was visiting my uncle who live in Phoenix. His house is next to a small mountain. One evening, we decided to hike up the mountain. We were in a time crunch, so I tried to take a shortcut. I tried to scale up the face of the mountain.

One problem: the face was too steep. I couldn't go any further and I had to slowly back down the face, sometimes even sliding. I could have taken the path around to the back of the face and I would have made it to the top easily, but instead I tried to take the shortcut.

Sometimes in life, a short cut is just what the doctor ordered, but it should never be a part of your financial plan or even your growth in your career. Some people can get caught up in making a quick buck. These people are willing to do anything to reach their goals as fast as possible. 

Living in America, it's easy to get caught up in the 'shortcut' culture. We can receive any type of information with the swipe of our fingers. We can order a shoe rack with one statement, "Alexa order me _________." The item in the blank doesn't matter, but the culture of "I want it now," causes people to do some things that they wished they hadn't just to get ahead. Instead, I want you to think about things in different terms:

Take the LONG CUT.

Stop thinking short term and start thinking long term!

Now, I'm not saying to avoid the shortcut next time you are on the road, but I am talking about using a long term plan to invest. I am talking about dreaming about your future and using the dream to create your plan. I am saying that "slow and steady wins the race!" Each and every time I read that book, the tortoise wins. He just keeps trotting a long. Nothing flashy, but consistent.

That's the secret to getting ahead financially. It's not using other peoples money to build wealth. It's not finding the latest and greatest stock for investing. It's not playing the lottery and hoping to win millions.

It's making monthly contributions to your retirement. It's staying out of debt to avoid paying interest. It's working your tail off everyday at work. It's that hard work paying off in an advancement in your career. It's taking one step each and everyday towards your financial goals.

Just like the slow and steady climb up the mountain, building wealth is attainable with a slow and consistent plan. It's simple, it's boring, but it's effective. 

We are building for our future, are you? We are taking the Long Cut, are you? We are consistent each and every month, are you?

Reaching the Financial Summit, Starts With You!

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