Celebrate Amazon Prime Day

Photo: No better way to celebrate Prime Day than with a photo of Optimus Prime.

I am so excited that Prime Day is here.  Prime day is being pushed by Amazon as better than Black Friday.  This is great because I get to celebrate Prime Day the exact same way that I celebrate Black Friday.  How do I celebrate?  I celebrate by not spending any money.  That’s right I’m not going to buy anything and just save my good hard earned coin.

We Americans get trapped into thinking that just because there is a sale, then we are saving money.  This is false, because the businesses attempt to get you to buy more items because they are on sale.  So, in the long run you spend more money.  This is exactly what happens on Black Friday.  People spend and spend tons of money because everything is on sale.  If you would have just taken time to think about the purchases you probably could have found a better deal on sites like Craigslist or even Amazon.  I like Amazon as a company and I will buy items from them when I need them.  I don’t buy things from Amazon just because they are having a sale.  Let’s look at a few examples:

Example 1

Convenience Stores have a display price and price of an item if you buy two of them.  This happens with can candy for instance.  M&Ms are priced at $1.59 or 2 for $3.  This means I should buy 2 for $3 right because it’s a better deal, right?  Not right.  That is how they get you to spend more money.  Do you really need two bags of M&Ms?  No, you don’t.  In all reality we don’t need one bag of M&Ms, but that is beside the point.  Let’s say I buy one bag of M&M’s and someone else buys two bags because they get a discount.  I only spent $1.59, whereas the other person spent $3.  I spent $1.41 less than the other guy.  I didn’t need two bags of M&Ms, so there was no reason to buy two and I kept more of my hard earned coin.

Example 2

Let’s look at an example from Amazon.com (since it is prime day).  

This projector is being sold by Amazon today for $239.99.  Previously this projector was listed for $349.  So, somebody purchasing this projector will save $109.01.  That’s great, but before you buy this projector you must ask one question.  Do I really need this item?  My answer would be no.  I don’t need a fancy projector.  Therefore, I will save $239.99 of my hard earned coin.  

This type of thinking can be applied to all things.  Do I really need it?  Do I really need another pair of clothes?  Do I really need more shoes?  Do I really need another TV?  When you get into this mindset, you will discover that you really don’t need a lot of stuff.  This mindset will be able to help you save more cash and let that cash start working for you.

Don't Forget that businesses and companies are smart.  They know how to work the system.  They still make money when they have sales, so it really is not that good of a deal for all of the consumers.

I kind of wish there was more shopping holidays, so I could celebrate all of them in the same way.  Will you join me on Prime Day and not spend anything?