Today Is Not the End of the World

As you may of heard, today is election day. The day where the end of one of the craziest election cycles finally occurs. The day where many people will run to polls to vote against Trump or vote against Hillary. A lot of people don't like either candidate, and that's why this election cycle has been so disappointing. The two major parties in America today, selected probably the two worst candidates for president. 

Both candidates have some of the highest unfavorable ratings of any presidential candidate in recent history. Both candidates have scandals. Both candidates have some kind of trouble with possible court cases. One filed for bankruptcy 4 times, while the other has lied to the American people multiple times. I just don't see a good ending to this day, because one of these horrible candidates will be elected and we will have 4 years of this person running the greatest country in the world.  

That's sounds a little scary.  Just like in any election, half of the nation will celebrate while the other half falls into a depression. I remember this feeling years ago when my candidate lost their bid for the office. It was tough and disappointing, because I really thought that my guy was the best for the job. The beautiful thing about America, is that we all have a choice. My choice may be different from everybody else, but we must accept the outcome of a vote of free people. We get a choice of leaders, and some countries don't.

No matter the outcome of this election, we all should remember this:


That's right, come tomorrow, we all will wake up, get ready and go to work. Following the inauguration day, the same will happen. We will all continue to go about our lives. The leader of our country is not king or God. They are just the leader at this time (we may disagree with their policies), but we control our lives.

The ultimate God and leader of our lives is the God of Abraham and Isaac. The father of Jesus Christ. We have one God and this God is our true leader. We must trust in him in all things (including a presidential election).This election has made me question a lot of things, but I must understand that the True God watches over everything and there is a plan in place.

In my lifetime, I have learned that the actions of President or Congress don't effect me all that much in my day to day walk. I can control my attitude and my money. I can control a lot of things that a President does not control. 

A president does not control your money. This can be said, because most of the wealth that I have obtained was during the Obama administration. This included a horrible plan on health care that has led to many increases in insurance premiums. Obama had nothing to do with affecting my wealth accumulation, but instead it had everything to do with my focus on saving money and getting out of debt. 

I understand that it is disheartening to have the candidate that you support lose the election, but the President does not control your day-to-day life. They don't make your spending choices for you. They don't force you to eat out at restaurants. They don't tell you to go on $5,000 dollar vacations. They won't give you any money for electing them. On a day-to-day basis, the only person who affects your finances is you. You control yourself. You control how much money you save or spend.

As a loving husband and soon-to-be father, the biggest difference that I can make is being the best person that I can be for my family. My son or daughter will not care who is the President. They won't care about the President's scandals, but they will care about their father being at home. They will care about being able to eat. They will care about having a roof over their head.

Sure, I care about this election like everybody does, but I can make a bigger impact in the life of my kids and my wife than any President can make. So, I will trust in my true leader and savior. I will trust in the Lord. I will pray that leaders stop pandering and start making good decisions. I will pray that our leaders, in this country, stop acting like babies. At this point, that's all we got, praying for our leaders and living our life in our way.

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