Five Crazy Christmas Car Advertisements

Christmas, in my opinion, is one of the best holidays to celebrate. As a child, I always enjoyed running into Mom and Dad's room and waking them up. The whole family would then go out and open presents on Christmas morning. Just like any child, I loved the whole season and the anticipation for Christmas morning. As I get older, the anticipation for Christmas morning is not as prevalent, because I understand that those gifts cost my family money. I even feel bad when my family spends too much on me, just for the holidays.

I know that this is the season of giving and I even enjoy searching and finding things for someone that I think they will enjoy. But at some point, the giving can become ridiculous. As Lucy stated so well in A Charlie Brown Christmas:

“Look, Charlie, let’s face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket.”
— Lucy, A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Christmas season is a huge commercial racket, where companies push the idea that we all need this fancy stuff. The idea of needing stuff is what pushes all of us into the trap of blowing our money. One of the best companies of pushing their frivolous stuff on the consumers is the car industry. In honor of this industry, I have found five car advertisements that are very good at pushing their fancy cars, but seem to leave out their not so fun car payments.

Ad #1: Kia Sign then Drive Event

Wait a minute, all I have to do is sign a paper and I can leave with a car?  That sounds like a great deal! Oh wait, I still have to make payments in January? That's right, buying a car with nothing down, turns into payments in the future.

Ad #2: Lexus December to Remember Sales Event

How could you forget this December, especially with a car payment hanging over your head for 5 more years?

Ad #3: Pacifikids Elf Squad

Look at all those amenities! I simply must have a great deal and all the payments that comes with it.

Ad #4: Asking Santa For Lexus

Even if Santa makes our dreams come true this holiday season, we (as adults) still have to foot the bill of those brand new fancy cars.

Ad #5: Santa Sleigh Switcheroo

Wow, even Santa is upgrading to a sports car. That means I should, too! Let's hope I can afford the payments!

Now, don't get me wrong. These commercials are well done and do catch your attention, but the problem with these commercials is that people would really go spend $25,000 on a new car for Christmas. That's what I have never understood about these car companies pushing new cars for Christmas. Nobody in their right mind would drop that kind of money on a Christmas gift and then be stuck with the bill for five or even six years down the road.

Anyone who goes out and buys a car for a gift has to understand the following:

New Cars: Destroying Your Net Worth since 1920!

A new car is waste of money, because they drop half of their value in the first two years of ownership. You basically are sacrificing a strong financial future for a fancy car and a large payment.

Remember this holiday season, that fancy cars or fancy stuff is not everything. Remember that you must have a plan to come out of Christmas without a lot of debt. Remember that new cars are a waste of money and above all things, remember that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.

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