Back in the beginning of this great nation, there were great leaders that imagined a different kind of country. A country built on the freedom of all men. A country where anybody can pursue their own happiness. A country where people can make something out of nothing in their own lives.

This country was built on the imagination of our forefathers. Before the United States was a country, it was a colony of Britain. Before it was a nation, it was just a thought of our forefathers. A thought that came to a realization, but probably seemed a lot like imagination in the early stages of the revolutionary war. It took imagination and a belief for this country to be built.

The same can be said about many of the successful people in America today. They are dreamers. They didn't just sit around waiting for good things to happen to them, but instead they dreamed and acted on these dreams. First, Mr. Money Mustache dreamed about retiring early. To accomplish his dream, he lived a different life, saved aggressively and retired at the age of 30. He dreamed and it became a realization of his.

Second, my uncle owns a real estate and auction company, but he dreamed that these auctions could be bigger. He and his brother revolutionized farm equipment auctions, by starting They dreamed of online farm auctions and created a business that has exploded across the country. Lastly, Bobby at Millennial Money Man hated his teaching job and wanted more. He had a dream of starting a financial blog. He quit his job and started blogging. He has since been featured on multiple money sites and according to his recent income report, has made $11,000 on his website in the month of November alone. He dreamed, took a chance and has been rewarded. 

There are so many more examples of successful people in America. From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs to Walt Disney and many more. These successful people were dreamers. People who thought they could and did it. They didn't sit around and wait. They took charge of their lives. 

As adults, it can seem like we just go about our days in a mindless dribble. We get up, drive to work, sometimes complain and then drive home. We do this five days a week and then we go crazy on the weekends, celebrating the fact that we don't have to work for two days. We are in a work rut. We don't dream anymore. We don't push ourselves. We just go to our job and come home. So, I challenge you to:


Dream about the wildest things. Start jotting down your fictional imaginations. Start imagining what it would be like to be debt free. Start imagining what it would be like in retirement. Start imagining you financial future. Start imagining your dreams. 

What do I dream about? I dream about paying off my house early, and turning this website into a full time job. I dream about being financially secure enough that my wife could stay home from work. I dream about being able to support my family and pay my kids college. I dream about reaching the financial summit. These dreams shape my financial and work goals. I give everything I have at work. I focus on my students and prepare them to the best of my abilities. On the weekends, I focus on my family and this website.

I don't have time to just sit around in a mindless dribble. I have dreams and I am working towards those dreams. Another aspect of imagination is finding creative ways to reach your goals. Let's say your goal is to get out of debt, your action could be finding creative ways to get out of debt. For example, you could sell your car, have a garage sale, cut cable or pick up a second job. Those are all creative ways to make more money or cut costs.

Using our imaginations can be a lost art for adults. It's time we learn a little from our kids and take some time time today to let our imaginations run wild. Dream about your future. Dream about a new business venture. Dream about a fictional story. I don't care about the content of your dream. All I care about is that you dream. Dream big, open your mind, and think about all the possibilities!

Where does your imagination take you? Has your imagination led you to start a new venture?

Reaching the Financial Summit, Starts with You!

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