It's The Giving Season

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Greetings from snowy Nebraska! We are visiting my family this year for the holidays and I get to enjoy a light dusting of snow as I write some today! My wife and I always want to see a White Christmas when we visit my family. This year we were lucky enough to enjoy a White Christmas without any of the travel problems of a major snow storm.


As that famous song states, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Christmas has always been my favorite seasons for so many reasons and as I get older I enjoy giving more than receiving. I enjoying the surprise that comes with finding something for somebody and being excited to see the look on their face when they open their presents.

The excitement of giving somebody something they may need or even something they don't need but want is part of this season. It is fun to see the look on their face as they open their gift. In a similar way, Christmas is a great season to give to special causes that are important to you. 

Earlier this month, I received an e-mail with the following proposition:

“Hey guys!

We need your help doing something fun this holiday season :)

As many of you know, we have a Community Fund here at Rockstar Finance where we pool money together and then use it to go out in our community and DO GOOD, and we currently have $2,000 in reserve at the moment which we’re using to fund our year-end celebration event. (And by “celebration event,” of course we mean “helping even more people!!” Haha...).

So we’re looking for 20 bloggers who can take $100 each and then turn it into some some joy and happiness for someone in their lives who really needs it. It could be a person, group of people, a cause you strongly believe in - or even something relating to your blog community. The only rule is that you have to use it TO DO GOOD, and then you have to blog about it before Christmas. You can be as creative or not as you want!

Are you in? If so...

— Reply to this email telling us you want to do it
— Accept the $100 via PayPal
— Write a blog post to go live before Christmas
— Link back to our Community Fund page that will show all the results for this event, as well as the total good we’ve done this year:

The first 20 bloggers who respond get a slot, and then we’ll paypal the $100 right over.

Thanks for making this such a great year! And special thanks to all those who gave generously of both their time and money so all this Good was even possible :)”
— J. Money & Team

Due to my day job, I did not respond fast enough and I was not one of the 20 bloggers to receive the $100 to do good, but I did receive this e-mail from Rockstar Finance in response:

“Unfortunately all the slots are now filled up - I’m sorry. :(

We had over 100 bloggers email back within minutes - was pretty wild.

If you want to do something on your own though in connection with us and blog about it (maybe use $20 in a creative way?) pass us the link and we’ll still add it to our celebration page to share the love around. :)

Thanks for wanting to be a part of it!
— J. Money and Team

I shared this opportunity with my wife and we agreed to use $100 to donate to a cause and person that was important to us. We decided to give the $100 to one of my co-workers as a way to help support her efforts to bring 5 dogs abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico to Texas. 

These 5 dogs were left behind by their family after the dreaded Hurricane Maria hit the island. My co-worker paid for vet bills, plane tickets and multiple other items to get these dogs from Puerto Rico to a new home in Texas.

We offered our home up to foster one dog and decided that we could be more help with this donation. She had been asking for donations on GroupMe, but we had not taken the time to offer up a donation. This e-mail from Rockstar Finance and J. Money was just the motivation I needed to finally offer up some money for these forgotten dogs. Below is a picture of our rescued dog that we are currently fostering.


There are four other dogs that made the flight to Texas and have a new opportunity of life here in America. My co-worker told me that the shelters in Puerto Rico only give 72 hours before their euthanize an animal. My co-worker just couldn't let this happen and saved 5 lives.

Both my wife an I are dog lovers and felt this was a great cause to give. My co-worker was very thankful and excited to receive some financial help for this process. What causes have you supported this holiday season? What people did you help?

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