Could DirectTV Now Offer the Best Deal for Cord Cutters?

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If you have been following my blog, by now you know that I am a big fan of cutting the cord and finding ways to stream television. Finding a way to watch my Nebraska Cornhuskers is basically the only reason I have a streaming service. However, we must add in my wife's love of TLC to the reasons we get streaming TV. 

One of the great beauties that a streaming service offers is the option to cancel at anytime. You don't have a contract and there is no requirement to hook up a cable box. You just sign up for the service and you can start watching shows immediately.

We drop and add streaming service throughout the year. We have actually been streaming Playstation Vue since August. However, that may be changing here in the near future! One of the best offers of streaming television has come to my attention and we are going to take this offer for the next three months.

Most streaming services offer one free week trial, before they start charging you for the service. However, I have found a service that offers multiple different options to new customers. They have different promo codes and they also offer the one-week free trial. Thus, take a look at the offerings from DirectTV Now.

DirectTV Now is currently offering a one-week free trial, just like all the other streaming services. However, I have found one more offer that is even better:

To take the above offer, you must be a new subscriber to DirectTV Now.  This is a separate offer from the free one week trial, and you cannot combine them. In place of the one week trial, you are basically doing a three month trial for $25 off. **Note this image states that the code YESNOW3 is a limited time offer. It does not state how long the offer will be available. 

Image from today (3/14/18) as I signed up for DirectTV Now. Note: it does not include the one-week free trial as stated above.

Image from today (3/14/18) as I signed up for DirectTV Now. Note: it does not include the one-week free trial as stated above.

As I was preparing for this article, I tested the code. DirectTV Now offers four different TV packages and I wanted to make sure I could get the channels that I wanted with the code. Below is an image of the packages that Direct TV Now Offers:

To get a detailed breakdown of each channel offered, you can click on the image above and it will take you to the DirectTV Now website. The "Live a Little" package is the the package mentioned in the offer above, however, the YESNOW3 offer code allows you to select any package listed above at a $25 discount. Below I list the prices after the $25 discount for each package.

  • Live a Little - $10 a month for 3 months
  • Just Right - $25 a month for 3 months
  • Go Big - $35 a month for 3 months
  • Gotta Have It - $45 a month for 3 months

At the beginning of my writing of this article, I was planning on purchasing the "Just Right" package for the three months and paying $25 a month. However, I came to the realization that it might not be worth the extra $15 a month for BTN. I would mainly want the "Just Right" package so I can watch Husker baseball (I literally stopped writing this article to check the husker baseball schedule and see which games are on BTN/ESPNU).

I found that only 5 baseball games could be watched with the "Just Right" package. I would need to up the package to the "Go Big" package to be able to watch one more game. That's an extra $15 to $25 a month for three months (an extra $45-$75 total) just to watch 5 or 6 baseball games (I checked the schedule). A college baseball team plays 50+ baseball games and only 5 or 6 of them can be watched on TV. Not really worth it in my book. Looks like we will be signing up for the "live a little" package!

Back in August, I did a breakdown of all the streaming services at the time and the best option for the sports enthusiast. I found that YouTube TV and Playstation Vue were the best option for our family, because they carried all the channels that we wanted. With the addition of BTN, DirectTV Now is a competitor with PS Vue for our family.

This 3-month offer from DirectTV Now is great, but how will we decide which streaming service to use after the 3-month trial?

I looked at price and streaming options. DirectTV Now has a good comparison of streaming services on their website. A screen shot of this comparison is shown below:

Direct TV Now does a good job of providing information that will help you make a decision on the service to choose. I looks like the the $35 plan (60+ channels) is a better deal than the $39.99 (45+ channels) offered with PS Vue.

However, I would choose PS Vue's second plan over DirectTV Now's second option. Even though DirectTV Now offers 80+ channels compared to PS Vue's 60+ channels. Number of channels is not important to me, because I am not watching every channel offered. I only care about a select few, and both packages offer those channels that are important to me. Thus, I would choose the cheaper priced channel offering ($50 DTN vs. $44.99 PSV).

For those of you interested in streaming services, I will do an update of the streaming service that we choose for the football season and why I choose this streaming service over the others. For now, I will take the $25 off offer from DirectTV Now and save a little money over the next three months!

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Note: I signed up using this code at 8:55 am on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. As of March 14,2018, DirectTV Now was still offering this code. This code is a limited time offer and there is not guarantee on how long the promo code will last. Summit of Coin does not have any financial relationship with DirectTV Now. I just felt like it was important to share this deal with my readers! Hopefully you can enjoy!

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