One Thing That We can Learn From Rogue One

I have always been a big fan of the Star Wars series. Each time a new Star Wars movie is released, I tend to go watch it a couple of times in the theatre. Rogue One was no different. I was pulled to the theatre twice and enjoyed it both times. Even though I tend to avoid the outrageous movie theatre costs, the Star Wars movies will pull me to the theatre every time. 

There is just something about the galaxy far, far away that peaks my interest. I love the characters, the story, the force and the lightsabers. I would even re-enact lightsaber battles using yardsticks with my sister as kids. I have been mesmerized with everything Star Wars and Rogue One was no different. Rogue One was made and developed in a way to honor the original Star Wars movies and I am a big fan of how it showed us a story leading up to Episode IV: A New Hope.

You must be thinking, but how does this connect to money? That's a great question. There is a message in Rogue One that anyone can use for motivation. This message may not be specifically directed towards finances, but I can definitely find a way to connect it to finances.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but I will quote one line from the movie. That line is all the motivation that we will need to jump start our finances or re-invigorate our financial intensity. The line from the movie occurred when Jyn Erso was trying to convince the Rebel Alliance that their time to fight was now! She stated:

“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope!”
— Jyn Erso

It's a simple line, with a lot of meaning. This line gave the rebels the hope they needed to keep fighting. They believed that they could defeat the Empire. They believed that there was a chance for success. That's all they needed. They needed a small chance. A glimmer of hope was that small chance. We all know that the Empire was eventually defeated in Episode VI and it all started with a little bit of hope.

The same can be said for all of us on this world we call Earth. We may not have the evil galactic empire to defeat, but we do have some struggles. There are people who can barely pay their monthly bills. They are struggling with the weight of providing for their family. There are people who were working a get out of debt plan, but it fell off the rails and they have fallen back into their bad habits. There are families that have been working on paying off their house early, but an unexpected expense may have slowed up their progress. There are people who don't believe that they can make it through college without a student loan.

For all of these people and financial situations, the hope of success can be waning. They could feel like their work isn't worth it. They could give up and just waste away all of their money.

I will tell you that no matter your financial situation, there is always hope on the horizon. It doesn't matter where you get that hope, but it's there. For the college student worried about making it through college debt free, it could be a donation from a grandparent that gives them hope. It could be a job offer. It could be finding out that there are lot's of ways to make or earn money in college that will help pay the tuition and living costs.

For the people deeply in debt, it could be as simple as finding an extra job to get the ball rolling. It could be finding a book about getting out of debt. It could be a simple donation from a friend. All of these items could jump start a person down the path to getting back on track.

Hope can come from so many places and can be so motivating to so many people. People who are down and out can be brought to life by a little bit of hope. They will start jumping with joy and some will even start crying uncontrollably, because they finally have hope.

Today there are too many people going through their life believing that the little man can't get ahead. They believe that the rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer. These people lack hope, because they have been so beaten down. To be stuck in this mindset, will continually keep you down. You will continue to be poor, because you never change anything.

Instead of letting life beat you down, take control of your life. Learn from the rich and start living your life more like the rich. Most self-made millionaires live on less than they make and don't buy $100 jeans. They drive around used cars and look for ways to cut their costs. They sacrifice nice things and stuff for financial security. 

Right there is the blueprint for the hope of becoming more financially secure. It's pretty simple. It definitely is not rocket science. You have to believe that little changes to your life will make a big difference in the long run. You have to find hope in a plan that will make you more financially secure.

Let this article be your jumpstart into financial security. Let this article be your hope that you can do this. We all can start living smarter. We all can start saving money each month. We all can find a way to cut costs and be smarter about where we spend our money. We can all start rebelling against too much stuff. Do you have the will to make necessary changes to your life? I hope you do, because I want everyone to succeed financially.

Reaching the Financial Summit, Starts with You!

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