The Power of Positivity

We've all had those co-workers that constantly complain about their job. We've all seen the negative comments that are thrown around the internet. We have all heard the complaints from people that sound something like, "It is just too hard for anyone to get ahead in this day and age." We've all heard the complaints about the economy. And of course, I have heard many complaints about our current President and our President-elect.

That's right life isn't perfect and sometimes it won't go your way. There will be Presidents that some like and some hate. There will be some good times with the economy and there will be some down times with the economy. There will be some life struggles. Despite all the challenges, there will be a chance for you to succeed. There is light at the end of the tunnel and this light comes from:

A glimmer of hope and...

...some positivity.

You may be thinking, "It can't be as simple as having a positive outlook, can it?" Interestingly, it really can be as simple as having a positive outlook. There's lots of research that can be found across the internet about the power of positivity. Thomas C. Corley found in his 5-year study of wealthy people that they tend to avoid pessimists.  In this study, he found that 86% of wealthy people tend to associate themselves with success-minded individuals. These individuals focus on setting goals and focusing on improving their future. They don't dwell on the past and have an overall positive attitude.

Similarly, Chris Hogan, author of Retire Inspired, believes that successful people have a positive outlook. It's such an important trait that Chris listed positivity as the first characteristic of successful people in his article, "10 Characteristics of Highly Successful People," where he states that successful people see the possibilities in their future and shoot for them.

There are many more websites and articles detailing the importance of positivity in becoming successful, but none of these are as good as the article by Mr. Money Mustache titled, "The Practical Benefits of Outrageous Optimism." In this article, he outlines many ways that optimism works on a practical level, including the statement that optimism tricks you into trying more things. By trying new things, you attempt way more than the pessimist, because you can taste success. Even though you will sometimes fail, you have learned and will better yourself in the long run. Also, Mr. Money Mustache reminds us that optimism is rare. There is a lot of negative attitudes around this world and it is rare to see someone with such a positive attitude. These positive attitudes stick out like sore thumbs and people will begin to follow suit.

Now, I want you to STOP and pause for a minute and contemplate the following questions:

How Positive are You?

Have You been involved in some negative talk with your co-workers?

Does negativity keep you from reaching success?

Has Positivity helped you succeed?

I tend to believe that I am a pretty positive person, but even I have gotten caught in some negative conversations at work. It's human nature to constantly look towards the negative. That's why positivity and optimism are so rare. It takes a special person with an ability to lead with the power of positivity. It takes a special person to avoid the workroom gossip. It takes a special person to change your habits from negative to positive.

I have heard too many times people complain about their situation. They keep complaining that their situation is keeping them from succeeding. They keep complaining that it is too difficult to get out of debt, because they don't make enough money. They keep themselves down, because they have a negative belief about their situation.

Sure, I was at this point in my life. I thought that debt was normal and it would take me many years to get out of debt. Instead, I found Dave Ramsey and began to budget. I found extra money to throw at my debt. I found ways to find extra money. I wouldn't have accomplished getting out of debt without a belief in the ability to complete my goal. I became extremely positive in believing that I could change my life and get out of debt.

You can cross that bridge of change to be a positive person. You can begin to look at this world and your life with optimism. You can stop dwelling on the past and stop replaying events in your head. Instead, focus on just yourself. Focus on changing your attitude. You can only control your actions. Let everybody else complain. Let everybody else dwell on their debt. Let their negativity keep them from reaching success, but never let negative thoughts keep you from doing something great.

Reaching the Financial Summit, Starts with You!

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Below you can find books from the authors mentioned above. I also included "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," because Mr. Money Mustache referenced this book in his article on optimism.