Rule Yourself

Photo: Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, photo taken June 2011.

This past weekend I was watching some football.  Football has always been my favorite sport.  I am a huge Nebraska Cornhusker fan and watch all of their games.  While watching the games, the commercial below came on.

Under Armour is an athletic clothing company that created this commercial.  This commercial made me think about how this connects to so many aspects of life.  This of course connects to working out, but there are many others from eating to finances.  I have always struggled with eating too much, since I was a kid.  It is a constant battle.  Look at the tag line from this article.  It states, "You are sum of all of your training."  This is so true, when it comes to anything in life.  If you have always been an overeater, then you have trained yourself to continually overeat.  If you are an overspender, then you have trained yourself to continually overspend.  This is a habit that can only be changed by drastic measures and lifestyle changes.

Over the course of my life, I have gone back and forth between overeating and eating right.  This has also led to losing 20 pounds and then gaining it right back.  During the times of my life where I am eating right, I would enjoy hunger pains.  The hunger pains are a good thing, because your body needs to be stressed and you will lose weight by eating less. But this only lasts for so long.  Soon I am overeating again and I eat anytime I have a hunger pain.  That is my habit, that is how I fall back.  I have found ways to beat that habit is by not having any snacks around.  When there are no snacks to eat, then you won't eat.  That is my best way to beat overeating.  Just like the video said, you have to rule yourself.  That is how I rule myself.  I control myself, by not having any snacks.

The same can be said for finances.  You rule your finances.  Don't let the money control you.  When you are in debt, then the money controls you.  You owe someone else money, so you have to pay them every month.  That was one of the biggest reasons why I was excited to be out of debt, because I don't owe anyone anything!  That's why I want financial freedom, because I want to be able to set my own schedule and not be stuck working a nine to five job.  

When it come to finances, I hear people come up with excuses.  Excuses are just a detriment to you being successful and ruling yourself.  I hear, "It's too hard," "It's just too much," and "We don't make enough."  All of these excuses are what's keeping you down.  You don't have any faith in yourself.  You don't believe that you can be successful.  Well, I have news for you.

Everybody can be a millionaire.

Everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

Those two statements are the truth.  You just have to get rid of the excuses and start forming a plan.  The government will not make you rich, so stop waiting on them to give you anything.  If anything, the government wants to keep you down.  They want people who need them.  You don't want to be put in the position to need the government.  This whole idea is about ruling yourself!  Don't let the government rule your retirement.  Social security is not that secure.  Have your retirement plan in place.  Government pensions are not that secure, have your retirement plans in place.  If you are relying on social security, then you are relying on the government and you don't rule yourself, the government does.  If you are taking unemployment checks from the government, then once again you don't rule yourself.  

Right now, I don't rule myself.  I have a job that rules me.  I have to go to work daily to earn my money.  This money allows me to do stuff.  I can blow it on parties and nights on the town, but I chose not to do this.  I've decided on a future of financial freedom, where I get to rule myself.  What will you decide?  Will you start taking control of your money?  Will you start ruling your life decisions?

After watching the Tom Brady commercial, the Steph Curry commercial started to play.  I had to post it also!  Good motivation Under Armour!