A Sale on Borrowed Money

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Earlier this week, I was driving home from work and I spotted an advertisement on the side of a bank.  This advertisement shocked me so much, that I had to pull into the parking lot and take a picture.

That's right, this bank claims that it is having a sale on loans.  That would be what you call an oxymoron.  This statement falls in the same category as phrases such as:

Jumbo Shrimp

Pretty Ugly

Awfully Good

Dark Snow

and Big Baby

All of these can be true in their own way, but they are two opposites put in the same phrase.  Just like how Loan and Sale are two very opposite words, but are put together to make people think that they are getting a deal on a loan.  Loans are never good, even if they are giving you a deal on the interest rate.  The bank is still making money on you and you are losing money in the process.

This is what bothers me about sales.  People think that they are getting a deal, so they run into the store and buy a bunch of clothing, because they think that they are saving money.  The stores are really trying to get you to buy more, because you think that you are saving money.  Just refer back to one or my favorite articles, which specifically talks about how sales don't help the consumer, but instead help the business.

So this business (the bank) is trying to take advantage of the consumer (you) by offering a sale on loans.  Just think about how ridiculous this sounds.  There is never a deal on loans.  Loans hurt you and help the bank.  That is why the bank has really nice stuff.  There is no way that this "Loan Sale" will ever be good for you.  You will still pay interest to the bank and that interest that you are paying is hurting your financial future.  The money that you could have saved by avoiding this loan could have been invested and this investment would have grown.  Therefore, you would have earned money instead of giving it to the bank.

Don't let the advertising gimmicks of the financial industry keep you living paycheck to paycheck.  You can avoid this way of life by avoiding loans and saving your money.  That is how you become financially secure.

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